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Douglas County - Named Healthiest County in the US - named by US News and World Report 2019.

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

"Love where you live, plus maybe live longer" is my take on this new award. I have lived in this area for the past 10 years in Dougco as the locals call it and I can totally see why we would rank high among other counties in the US. I moved to Colorado from the east coast in the mid 90's due to the outdoor life style it provided. I remember specifically hearing from co-workers on the East coast that Coloradans care more about being outside than they do being inside (ex. work). I disagreed with that idea and would say from my experience that we rank being healthy and happy just as important as everything else. Plus we make time for it.

Common things you see here even when its 30 degrees. Neighbors walking their dogs, or taking a walk or run. Biking to work or an entire family on bikes is very normal. On Friday afternoon's most companies clear out before 5:00 pm to start their weekend of outdoor fun which can include skiing or snow boarding in the winter or camping, hiking, or just throwing a freezbie at the park when the weather warms up.

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